New Year, New Job

Here's the email announcement that I circulated about my new position:

Dear friends,

It's a new year, and I'm pleased to report that I have accepted and started a new job: as of January 1st, I'm an assistant professor in the Department of Neurological Sciences at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. I'm very excited to start my career as an independent scientist in a terrific environment here at UNMC with great colleagues including our department chair, Dr. Matt Rizzo. My new contact information follows:

Dr. David E. Warren

Department of Neurological Sciences

University of Nebraska Medical Center

988440 Nebraska Medical Center

Omaha, NE 68198-8440

Phone, office: 402-559-5805


I'm in the process of setting up my lab, and my research will continue to explore topics in memory and other cognitive domains in neurological populations using techniques such as neuropsychology, neuroimaging, and eye-tracking. To help with these efforts, I expect to make several hires (research assistant, post doc, etc.) in the upcoming months. Formal advertisements for those positions will follow but for now, please do keep me and UNMC in mind for promising undergraduate or graduate students who are looking to take the next step in an academic career. UNMC and affiliate institutions in the Omaha area offer a broad range of doctoral programs in which I expect to enroll graduate students, while senior graduate students seeking post-doctoral positions should find UNMC's resources attractive. Nebraska's neuroscience community is growing rapidly, and I'm looking forward to adding outstanding individuals to our team.

In closing, let me say "Thank you!" to everyone who helped me get to this point by contributing mentorship, training, teaching, camaraderie, or other support of any kind. I look forward to catching up with everyone very soon. All the best,


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